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We are a collective of creators and strategists

Joshua Iyamu

The Visionary

Joshua Iyamu

A creator with a fluent understanding of cultural changes, Joshua brings his decade long marketing experience and technical skills in the digital space to help brands navigate the new normal.

Angela Fadayiro

The Creative

Angela Fadayiro

Driven by her passion for culture, technology and story telling, Angela’s superpower is educating brands on how to create strategies and content that are authentic, engaging and intentional for their audience.


To help our clients define their unique path as they create cultural shifts.


We are helping build divergent brands that positively affect global culture.


Commitment to Stakeholders

We are attentive to the needs of those who have entrusted us to define their unique path. We truly believe they define our existence and we are dedicated to discovering and meeting their needs as trusted advisors.

Integrity is our DNA

We seek to maintain a spirit of honesty and transparency. It is the guiding principle to how we create impact through meaningful work.

Knowledge Seeking

At our core, what drives us is the discovery of truth. We are obsessed with constant growth and understanding the world around us and using this to inform our decision making.


Design is at the heart of how we approach problem solving. We strive to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics.