2021 marketing trends

1. Social Commerce

Firstly, social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have incorporated purchasing as well as discovery. This enables users to view and purchase within the app.

2. Brand Activism

There has been a rise in brands aligning their core values with social commentary and popular issues. Consumers have become more vocal and conscious in demanding brands’ views on these issues. Some new brands and communities have been born out of the need to address some of the problems highlighted in these commentaries.

3. Community Marketing

Creating a community-based brand is great way to build stronger relationships between brands and customers. Brands that have active communities are able better serve and engage their customers.

4. Data Driven Personalized Commerce Experiences

Data can be used to create and curate a more engaging and personalized ecommerce experience, not just for advertising.

5. User-Created Content

This is a great way to foster a sense of transparency and credibility to a business or service. Content created by consumers is the new form of brand evangelism and sales.

6. Virtual Experiences

In light of COVID -19 many offline brands, business and activities have had to recreate these experiences online. Virtual experience will be here to stay post Covid-19.

7. Tech-Enhanced Digital Engagement

Finally, incorporating technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) to add extra layers of engagement to digital experiences.

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