7 Marketing Tips for Online Businesses Dyalect

Here are a few tips to help take your online business a step further. If you have already done some of these, share with us in the comments how it has worked for you.

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Page

This is sometimes overlooked but is very important if you want your business to have a strong presence when looking for your business or the services you offer on Google search. This free service will help improve visibility of your business leading to increased traffic and boosted sales.

2. More Video Content

When marketing your brand online, content that is both engaging and relevant to your audience is a powerful way to ensure that they not only come back for more but that they share with their social network. Video-based content in particular is more important than ever on the journey to pulling traffic towards increasing leads and sales. And as video editing tools are becoming easier to use and more affordable, one must take advantage. Make sure your product videos explain what you are offering clearly and in the least boring way. This can be enhanced through great editing, an easy to follow narrative and a bit of humor.

3. Constantly Build an Email List

Building an email list is an important activity that every business should start as early as possible. It is a targeted way to reach your existing and potential customers. The goal really is to convert all your website visitors into email subscribers before they leave so you can send them relevant messages to bring them back. The key to building this list is to create subscribe opportunities while offering value. These subscribe opportunities exist during the checkout process, on the contact us form or the newsletter/blog subscription. Some great ways to draw in prospects include great content, discounts, offers and exclusive promotions.

4. Create a Very Clear Product Description

The importance of good product descriptions cannot be understated. They enhance the customer experience by providing all the details necessary for the prospect to make a decision about buying what you are offering. As your business grows, you will learn more about what your customers need to know which will enable you to keep improving on your product description.

5. Optimize Checkout Process

The checkout process is the final stage for an ecommerce website. This is where the potential customer firms up his decision about his purchase, selects shipping options, then makes payment. If not smooth enough it could also present the risk of losing a sale. Some simple ways to improve the experience is to:

  • Allow guest checkout for customers that may not want to log in to an account on your site before making their purchase.
  • Be clear about shipping cost.
  • Provide multiple payment options
  • Connect customers to support as needed

6. Promote Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Doing business on the internet comes with its challenges especially if you haven’t built a strong brand name. In an age of fraudulent online transactions, potential customers wrestle with whether or not to trust your offering and wonder if they will get it as advertised. Promoting customer reviews especially at strategic moments on the customer journey will help reinforce trust in the mind of your prospect. Reposting reviews especially after they customers tag your brand on social media is also quite effective.  

7. Remarketing

Remarketing works by reminding potential customers that have visited your site but maybe didn’t make a purchase about your brand and offering. This is done by repeat encounters with your brand on other websites they may visit and acts as a way to encourage these possible customers to make a return to purchase on your site.  

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